BACnet Protocol Wish List

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BACnet Wish List and status
Item Description Status
Align Version with BTL records There is no formalized link between the Application Version and Firmware Revision and the BTL certificate ?
ReadRangeArray service Using starting index and count
Create the concept of a "BACnet Clock" that can be placed "Out of Service" so that time and date can be manipulated easily for testing both Time Synch and e.g. Logging, calendars, schedules without disrupting the OS clock.
BACnet over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy / Bluetooth 5.1++) - not for the field network side, but for smartphones and laptops running native BACnet clients to use the bluetooth datalink that ALL smartphones and laptops have nowadays.
Add DST/Timezone to the (local) TimeSync services (perhaps a new one). Doing a local time synch _without_ these parameters is pretty much a disaster (those parameters have to be written individually, cannot be broadcast etc. etc.) See BACnet Time Wishlist
Adding 'max message rate' to COVs
Wildcards in "WhoHas" Object Name. e.g. who-has "Room * SP"

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